The next evolution of water management.

Caroma Smart Command takes over 75 years of quality, innovation and design and translates this into the next generation of smart water management fixtures.

Our eco-system of intelligent fixtures can have a huge impact on your water usage, your user’s experience and your overall maintenance costs.


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For too long water has been an afterthought in building management. As water sustainability, hygiene and ongoing maintenance costs become ever more important to tenants, guests and users, Caroma Smart Command has emerged as the holistic solution which can help manage, monitor, compare and help improve your buildings performance.

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Our Vision


Help our customers reduce their water usage, whilst not sacrificing experience or cost.


Smart Command Cloud

Dive deeper into understanding your building’s water use through actionable insights.



Measurable Benefits

Measure, track and compare your building’s performance across water use, experience, cleanliness, hygiene, maintenance and product lifecycle.


Intelligent Control

Real time information from your fixtures puts the power of making fixture adjustments remotely at your fingertips.


Return on Investment

Unlock the power of insights to drive down costs by making efficiencies in maintenance, up-time, cleaning and water costs.


Sustainability Recognition

Can contribute to your building obtaining or retaining sustainability ratings such as Green Star, NABERs and WELL.



From water usage to the number of flushes, Caroma Smart Command features wireless technology that can precisely track every detail and collect real-time data of a building’s bathroom performance. This ecosystem of intelligent products can even be accessed locally from a mobile app.

Building Solution


Caroma Smart Command provides bathroom solutions for today and tomorrow, across both the public and private sector.

Smart Range

An ecosystem of intelligent, touchless products that are realising the future of bathroom innovation and hygiene.



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Why Us?

Caroma are experts in water management and Smart Command is a trusted sustainable solutions provider across key commercial industries.