Smart Command Intelligent Shower – Single, Duo and Eco

This intelligent shower interface provides a low touch premium showering experience to users. Precisely set and display your temperature and select your showering preference for a perfect, thermostatic delivery of water to the shower head.
The interface will also display the time elapsed as-well-as the amount of water used, keeping water mindfulness front of mind, but not at the expense of user experience.

This shower interface is available in 3 configurations. Single; which supports one shower head, Duo; enabling an overhead and hand shower combination and finally an Eco variant.
This Eco variant enables both an overhead and hand shower installation but features a third outlet which can recapture un-used water whilst the shower heats up to the desired temperature of the user. Simply press the recapture icon on the interface and make use of every drop of water.

Product Overview

Product Type Bath/Shower
Connections and Codes 510201 = Single

510202 = Duo

510203 = Eco

Outlet Flow rate determined by Shower Head. Max flow rate = 15LPM Max Flow rate.
Electronics Supply voltage to the system is 240V AC 50Hz. Operating current 12 volts DC.
Installation Dual Temperature Inlets DN15 (G1/2”) water connections ( all Inlet & Outlet ports) For general electrical connection install a plug socket 240V AC.
Eco Recapture Only in 510203 variant. Recapture location is project specific, consult hydraulic expert.

Product Technical Data

Dimensions: Control Panel (visible): 86mm x146mm x6mm Mixer: 226mm x 242mm x 90mm

Weight: Gross: 2.5kg

Control Panel & Sensor type: Colour TFT – Touchscreen

Electrical requirements: 220-240V 50/60Hz AC Outlet (AS/NZS 3112 compliant) installed in accordance with AS/NZS3000. Power must be continuous to enable correct operation. Electrical Outlet to be located within 900mm (cable distance) from the installed Mixer. Note: One electrical outlet is required per Product. The Mixer/Diverter can be installed within 2.0m (cable length) from the Control Panel location. Additional extension cables (included) will allow the Mixer to be positioned up to a total of 7.0 m (cable distance) from the Control Panel if required.

Product Electrical Specifications: 12V DC (from included Low Voltage Power Supply) 1.5A Max.

Power Consumption: 3.6W – Standby 7.8W – Activation ( ie: Port Open).

Operating Water Temperature: Cold 5° – 25°C; Hot 55°- 60°

End Connectors (Plumbing): G ½ BSP Male; Hot & Cold Inlets and all Outlets.

Isolating Valves, Check Valves & Strainers: Integrated into Hot and Cold Inlets

Maximum Operating Pressure (Dynamic): 100-500 kPa

Maximum Pressure: 1000 kPa

Inlet Pressure Ratio / Maximum Inlet Pressure ratio (dynamic) for stable operation: 10:1

BMS Connection Type: Compatible with BACnet BMS connection via Caroma Smart Command Bluetooth® Gateway (410100) & Concentrator (410101) Connectivity with Caroma Smart Command Cloud

Communication Protocol: Bluetooth® 4.0